Friday, November 9, 2007

The Grass Is Growing. Please Standby.

The other day, I decided to reseed some bare spots on the lawn. This was after I was convinced that the mole that had taken up subsurface residence was truly out of business. The mole had successfully evaded all of my efforts to at first humanely remove it and when my lawn began to resemble a moonscape, to terminate it with extreme prejudice. I'm pretty sure that none of my increasingly desperate and Caddyshack inspired techniques worked and the mole simply decided the grubs were more plentiful elsewhere and packed its bags.

I spent the good part of a hot Sunday afternoon, breaking up dirt, mixing in planting soil and fertilizer, spreading grass seed and watering.

Monday morning I was off to work. When the weary road warrior returned at the end of a long day of mediation, I noticed a handwritten sign on green paper taped to the side of the mailbox post. It read "The Grass Is Growing. Please Standby." I smiled broadly recognizing the super sized letters of my 7 year old son. Another unbearably sweet gift from my child's creative mind.

It is therefore fitting as I launch this blog into the blogsmos, to ask for your indulgence and patience as I work to make this the most informative, entertaining and thought provoking location for that community of people who occasionally or frequently require the services of a mediator and wish to acquire the knowledge and tools that will enhance their meditation experience.


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